Care & Maintenance


Many of our designs include a tabletop made of natural solid hardwood, typically ash or oak. Each piece is characterized by its own unique color and grain. Due to the nature of the hardwood material, each piece will vary slightly in appearance.

All our hardwood tabletops are finished by hand with a hard-wax and oil based finish. Each piece can be wiped down with a damp cloth and, if necessary, a solution of mild soap and water can be used. Avoid scrubbing with abrasive materials as this may cause damage to the finish. Do not leave the surface in direct contact with any damp or wet items and be sure to promptly clean any spills.

To find care & maintenance products for cleaning, refreshing, or repairing hardwax-oil surfaces we recommend Rubio Monocoat where we source a durable single coat finish for all our natural hardwood pieces.



Most of our designs are made with powder coated steel or aluminum. Powder coating provides a durable layer of protection against corrosion, scratches, chipping and fading. Powder coated steel can be cleaned with a firmly wrung cloth and, if necessary, a solution of mild soap and water can be used. Make sure to always wipe dry after cleaning.